Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I pick a location other than my current location?

Actually, you can! Pan to a new location by dragging the map just like the built-in Maps app. Touching the '+' button always drops the pin in the center of the screen. If you wish, you can drag the pin to finely adjust the location.

Can you please allow me to make reminders with a radius smaller than 1000 meters?

Unfortunately, no. Regions uses background locations services introduced in iOS 4.0. At best, you can expect kilometer accuracy.

Wait, so if Regions doesn't use GPS, how does it know my location?

Regions uses Apple's Region Monitoring API, which uses cell tower information to triangulate your location.

The Maps app uses GPS and pinpoints my location within a few feet, why not use GPS to be more accurate?

Regions needs to be able to alert you at any time. If it used GPS in the background, your battery would drain rapidly.