Who I Am

My name is Derrick Jones. I'm a grad student at UCLA.

What I do

This is where it gets tricky. I can do a lot. Anything technical, if I haven't done it, I can probably learn it. My current focus is Regions, an iPhone app that reminds you to do things based on where you are. If you have a great idea for an app, and want it to be polished and well designed, I can build it. If you need a website, I can create one that works and looks great on any device.

What Hillcrest Lab is

Hillcrest Lab is meant to be a hub for all my professional endeavors. Hillcrest Lab exists to avoid a few minor inconveniences. Having a business account makes doing my taxes easier. Also it would be nearly impossible for someone to find me by searching "Derrick Jones". Hillcrest Lab gives me a fighting chance at having a decent page rank. Hillcrest is the street I grew up on. I have a lot of history there.